Today’s Learning 📚#100DaysOfReact — 2/100

Today I focus on learning a little more about React props and how we can use to pass data through the application.

In my Portfolio project I am having a initial static approach to data and liking to a backend at later stages only. …

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Today’s Learning 📚 #100daysOfReact — 1/100

Today I focus on learning a little but more about GitHub commands and how to publish my React code directly to GitHub repository and Heroku.

I have been a long time doing the tutorials loops and have many Projetcs in my local machine but never really deployed them or did…

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share little of Dynamics 365 FormContext tip for Ribbon Buttons handling which hopefully helps some extensive googling 😊 as it did for me.

Microsoft has changed the way we get FormContext recently and how we access form data, we all have had our fair share…

Demos in General

This is topic that we surely need to be able to deliver when you start most technology careers as Account Manager, Sales and Developer as I am today and with the growth in technology and SaaS in 2020 more than even before.

But how do we plan to impact and…

Should we be Specialists or Generalists

Hi Everyone and welcome to my channel, my name is Diogo and I am technology professional from a non tech background who learnt technology on the fly after uni and love collaboration and sharing.

I am starting this YouTube Channel to 1st have somewhere…

Diogo Pacheco Pedro

CRM Developer, Podcaster and Soon youtuber on everything Software Development & Customer Service

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